While looking through other people’s book reviews I had the sudden urge to share the books I’m currently reading or have read and my thoughts on them. This is a new experiment for me seeing as how I’m not the kind of person that shares much about myself on social media. But I DO love books and I figured that is something I can share with other people and hopefully I can get some feedback and thoughts from other people on the books I’m reading or have read or get recommendations about other books I should read. I like to vary the kinds of books I read. However, I’ve discovered a passion for scifi and fantasy. So after awhile of varying genres I’ve been focused on scifi and fantasy. However, I encourage anyone and everyone to follow me to give me recommendations for any kind of book and share your thoughts on anything related to my posts or not. My posts are just my general opinion about the books I read and other book related things and by no means will I pretend to be a reviewer for the New York Times. I’d rather be simple and to the point. I’m currently reading the Wheel of Time series and Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere books.

I will slowly be making tweaks to this blog so bear with me. I will also be posting on Tumblr for those who have a preference for it.


Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Stick around! And happy reading to all bibliophiles out there!


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